Clubs within a Club

Members of The Club at ArrowCreek are encouraged to become involved with our Clubs Within a Club. Through our members' volunteer efforts, to design and run specialty Clubs, ArrowCreek has a new avenue for members to get connected. 

Men's Golf Club - Tim Geesey

Ladies' Golf Club - Suzette Blanke

American Mahjong - Donna Branson

Chinese Mahjong - Becky Quirsfeld

Morning Bridge - Leslie Dahm

Afternoon Bridge - Anne Heinline

PickleBall - Kate Whittley

Mexican Train Dominoes - Sue Thorsteinson

Book Club - Cheryl Waymack

Garden Club - Carolyn Dragics

Investment Club - Walsh Trujillo  (temporarily inactive)

Hand & Foot Club - Carol Uhlan

Men's Poker Club - Jim Dahm

For more information or to contact a group leader, please email Walsh Trujillo at [email protected].